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Completed Work
1955 Pontiac Star Chief

1950 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery

1955 Pontiac Star Chief
the rest of the story...

1955 De Soto

1963 Pontiac Tempest
the rest of the story...

1965 Pontiac GTO

1968 Ford Mustang
the rest of the story...

1994 Pontiac Trans Am

Seeing Double ?    Seeing Double ?
Terry Young arrives at our shop to drop off his car 1/15/2002
What other shop would give you a loaner so you don't miss your '55 ?
Be a shame to leave his lift empty while we do up his car with limited space.

Doesn't look to bad yet.
You never know what you'll  find once  the  strip down starts for
the Fresh Painting

Some cars you have to take everything off the inside to get it apart.
Still sand under the back seat from the last time.
Does that stuff ever all get out of the car?

The vent trim on one of these is a real challenge.
The stainless is all removed to polish to compliment the fresh paint & chrome.
everything off time to start sanding...



& More Sanding...

The Chrome is all done
The Stainless all Buffed
New Weatherstrips are ready


all the waves removed

and the lines adjusted

we repair the door openings

it is always a challenge to repair past repair work

The  distance  to  the  Finish  is  getting  closer...

Finally- both doors fit the openings !

Colors, Clear, and Catalysts

Prime   and  PreparePrime   and  Prepare

Back window out to replace molding clips and repair hidden rust scale

We mask and disassemble as needed

The Painting has begun

Masked to two / tone

Time to Clear Coat

The final pieces of reconstruction:

Everything reassembled

All Water Sanded & Buffed to the Final Shine

New Weather Strips & Chrome

Sandblast & Paint the Wheels
for the new Wide White Walls!

*  Note the 1955 New York License Plate  *