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News & Updates:
 May 2009-

 In the updating of site many parts pages were left off. I will continue to update and add my inventory to the site as time permits. In the interim please just call or email any requests.

 I don't know how you are feeling  about all the changes going on in the auto industry with bailouts, loosing brands, dealerships having franchises taken away and government control -but I think it stinks!

 I don't know or do I trust where the free market principles went. Power and Greed are terrible things with no controlling legal authority. My personal opinion is we had a structure already set up called bankruptcy. If followed from the beginning of the manufactures issues would have us on a different path today with more people working and less lost franchises and brands. I am not against consolidation but maybe the brands loosing their own identities through the years to become cookie cutter models lost some customers who saw no difference between brands.

 Now the politicians who have no auto, or private business experience are going to fix it all. I find this hard to believe!

 My experience has taught me the bigger the company the more mistakes they make. In small business you can't afford mistakes. Being dictated to what you must build by the government is no solution or has it ever been. CAFE and safety standards does not necessarily build what people want. Coming up with some alternate fuel source is wonderful idea but the government has yet to decide which one they are behind -so how do you build anything to suit these people when they keep changing the rules?

 If the car companies are left to build what the people want they will be fine - on their own -just like you and me do it!

 Change you can believe in -
 Live your life as an example -watch what we say and our actions should match our own words.
 Sorry -I don't find that in Washington!    


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